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Premium Hojicha Set

Premium Hojicha Set

Japanese Roasted Green Tea Powder
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The Premium Hojicha Gift Set is complete with all the essential tools needed to create a calming bowl of hojicha with a handcrafted Katakuchi Chawan.

Included is a custom made YUGEN original one-sided Chawan (tea bowl). Each bowl is hand-made by a ceramic artist from Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture which means each one has a unique look. With a mouth for good drainage, curved bottom and a surface texture designed to make it easier to whisk hojicha and a good height and curve to ensure no spillage in the process, these Chawan’s are crafted with care and dedication.

Also included is a Chashaku (tea scoop), a Chasen (tea whisk) to bring the powder to life and of course a tin of Japanese artisanal hojicha powder sourced directly from Uji, Kyoto.

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