Matchali Rewards & Loyalty Program

Welcome to Matchali Rewards!

 Matchali Rewards allows you to convert your spending into points! Redeem your points to earn a reward!

 You can earn 1 point on every HK$1 dollar you spend on the Matchali website and use the points you redeemed on your next purchase!

 HK$1 dollar spent = 1 Matchali Point

 Ways to redeem:

  • 500 points = HKD$15 voucher
  • 1000 points = HKD$30 voucher
  • 1500 points = HKD$50 voucher
  • 2000 points = HKD$80 voucher


Matchali Rewards FAQ

  1. How do I earn points?
    All ONLINE purchases from April 10th 2024 will be calculated. Please make sure you have registered an account online. Only customers with an account can earn points, redeem rewards.
  1. Can I use more than one voucher at a time?
    No, only one voucher can be used in a single transaction.
  1. Can I use the voucher more than once?
    No, the voucher is a one-time use only code. Please note the vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.
  1. Can I gift my points to someone else?
    Unfortunately, the points accumulated are linked to your account only, you cannot pass the points to someone else’s account.
  1. How do I redeem a reward?
    As you earn more points, your rewards will unlock and become available to you within the loyalty login. Clicking “redeem” on the selected rewards will spend your points and unlock your code. Your voucher code will also be sent to your email.
  1. Do my points expire?
    No, your points do not expire.
  1. Will my Matchali points be affected if I exchange or refund my item?
    Yes, if you exchange or refund your order, it will be reflected in your points.


If you have any questions about our Matchali Rewards program, please feel free to email us at!