Our Story

Our Story

Matchali began with two cousins, Cara and Laura, who fell in love with matcha's health benefits, taste and culture. A superpowered green tea powder, jam-packed with healthy goodness and clean energy, delivering caffeine minus the crash! They sourced our first harvest ceremonial grade matcha directly from a fifth-generation tea farm found along their journey through the matcha capital of the world, Uji, Kyoto!

All Matchali drinks are hand whisked and made to order, using superfoods, plant-based milk options, preservative-free and non-processed ingredients, all while avoiding refined sugars. Every drink is centred around fortifying nutrients with a side of chill energy, completely jitter-free. It tastes as good as it feels with its antioxidant fuelled, mega detoxifying green tea powers.

Our Matcha

We get our matcha straight from the source, the matcha capital of the world, Uji, Kyoto. We journeyed there ourselves and built a partnership with a fifth generation tea farm, where our ceremonial grade matcha is carefully cultivated and handpicked seasonally.

Farm to Drink